How Promotional Products Can Help A UK Charity Hit Fundraising Goals

It might sound very, very obvious but we'll say it anyway: fundraising is a crucial part of any charity's endeavours, whether they're a smaller local-facing initiative or a widely known nationwide organisation.

Whether it's via online donations, presence at events, chuggers with buckets in the street... There are countless opportunities for people to notice your cause and make a donation, if you capture their attention in the right way. 

What Does The UK Charity Landscape Look Like In 2019?

According to a report shared by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in 2019, the number of people donating money to charities took a dip for the third year running. In fact, CAF's UK Giving 2019 Report demonstrates that the number of people donating to charity via donations or sponsorships has been steadily declining since 2016. 

It's not all doom, though - because although fewer people might have been making donations, they've actually been giving more. As such, the total figure donated to UK charities in 2018 was just over £10bn, which isn't wildly dissimilar to what it was the year before.

Animal welfare and children/teenagers top the list of the charitable sectors that people are most likely to donate to, with medical research and hospitals/hospices sitting in very close third and fourth positions. 

How Can Promotional Merchandise Help A Charity?

Of course, it doesn't end with monetary donations. Just as crucial as those all-important pounds and pence is building both awareness and trust among potential donors and supporters. Whether you're striving to generate general awareness for your organisation or are looking for backing that ties in with a specific campaign, promotional merchandise offers the sticking power that means people will be able to remember your cause and its story long after they first encountered it.

In fact, a report shared back in 2012 - the core logic of which, we'd argue, still applies today - suggests that smart marketing and branding is actually a 'secret weapon' that all charities should have in their arsenal. And it makes sense, doesn't it? After all, if you're not aware of a charity and its work, how can you consider it for your next sponsorship activity and how can you tell friends, family members, colleagues and so on about its fantastic work?

As a charity, you need to make sure that every single penny you spend is working hard - and with our years of experience working with a huge range of charities across the UK, Total Merchandise is ideally placed to help you spread your message, raise those all-important funds and make sure your brand is at the forefront of people's minds.

With all of that in mind, it makes perfect sense for UK charities to invest in promotional products. We've rounded up some of the charity merchandise essentials - the items that will help raise funds, boost awareness and generally improve visibility for your amazing work throughout 2020. Read on!

Americano Coffee Mugs

Why choose these branded travel mugs?

  • Very budget-friendly
  • Great visibility for your logo with every use
  • Range of colours available for both mugs and lids

Our best-selling printed travel mugs are available with the option to create the colour combination you want, with seven lid colours and eight mug colours available.

Your artwork can be printed in up to four colours in a prominent position on the mug. Whether you choose to give these branded coffee cups away to donors or sell them at a fundraising event, the recipients will think of your good cause every time they pick their mugs up.

25mm Button Badges

Why choose our branded badges?

  • Eye-catching visibility for your charity's branding
  • Low cost and a minimum order of just 250
  • Can be worn over and over again by recipients

Our sweet and simple promotional badges are ideal for creating brand awareness that sticks around. Ideal for being worn on lapels, these branded button badges will ensure your cause is at the forefront of people's minds - and their clothing!

We also have this badge available in different sizes - simply contact a member of our team today to find out more and get pricing for your business' unique needs!

Charity Collection Box

Why choose our promotional charity collection boxes?

  • The perfect size for keeping on shop counters or for using in-person
  • Offers the opportunity to give more information about your good cause
  • Great for generating cash donations

An essential for fundraising in-person, our branded charity collection boxes feature space for your branding on both the wrap and the top.

Printed in unmissable full colour, they present a brilliant opportunity to tell the story of your charity, as well as For added security if you're planning to display them in a shop, we can also provide chains at a small extra cost.

Reels of Paper Stickers

Why choose our branded stickers?

  • Great giveaway for in-person fundraising activity
  • Range of sizes available, which are all printed in full colour
  • Cheap, cheerful and a nice way to say 'thanks' to donors

Our best-selling promotional stickers are a great way to thank people who have just donated money to your cause (and go hand-in-hand with our charity collection boxes!). Printed in unmissable full colour, these branded stickers are available in three different sizes, with prices beginning as low as 7p per sticker.

Roll Up Banners

Why choose our promotional banners?

  • Ideal for illustrating your charity at an event
  • Available for dispatch in as little as three working days
  • Easy to transport and store, and can be reused

Striking and highly visible, our printed roll-up banners are ideal for taking to events where you want to drum up attention for your charitable cause. Catch the attention of passers-by at an exhibition with this full-colour printed banner, which stands at 200cm x 85cm tall - and if you look after it, it can be used at future events, too. 

Fruit of the Loom Value-Weight T-Shirts

Why choose our promotional T-shirts?

  • Available in a wide range of colours 
  • Incredibly cost-effective, with low prices and the option to wear over and over
  • Take your charitable message wherever the wearers go!

Whether you're looking for a new uniform option for staff or a budget-friendly giveaway you can give to new sign-ups for gyms or societies, our logo-printed T-shirts are the perfect option for helping you promote your brand. 

Printed Trolley Coin Token Keyring

Why choose our branded trolley tokens for your charity campaign?

  • They combine form with function, offering awareness for your organisation as well as a practical purpose
  • Your supporters will take them out-and-about with them, ensuring on-the-go visibility for your charity's name

The beauty of our promotional trolley coin keyrings is you can truly make them your own. With the option to print in one colour on one side all the way up to four colours on both sides, you can get truly creative with the design, ensuring your logo will truly stand out. 

These are just a few of the promotional event giveaways Total Merchandise has to offer - browse our full range and contact us today to find out more. 

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