Health and Fitness Corporate Gifts

by Vicky Gardner | 2nd May 2019

Health and Fitness Corporate Gifts

The health and wellness ‘boom’ is in full swing, the market’s constant disruptive growth is impossible to ignore, gaining massive amounts of media attention every day and with bikini season on its way, health and fitness are only going to grow further. So, how can you tailor your marketing to keep up? Branded fitness products. Whether it's for staff, clients or both, using health-focused promotional merchandise is a great way to connect to your audience with a relevant and on trend gift.

May is also ‘Global Employee Health and Fitness Month’, so if you’ve found this article - your timing is perfect!

The growing focus on health and fitness isn’t just for consumers. Businesses are increasingly keen to be seen as supporting employees’ health and wellbeing. Promotional merchandise is a great tool to do just that!

A way to encourage office workers to move more is to introduce branded pedometers. You can challenge your staff members to hit a particular number of steps - it doesn't have to be 10,000, to encourage them to move more. Most office jobs require being seated at a desk for 8+ hours a day, recently it has even been said that extended sitting is worse for your health than smoking. Not only do branded pedometers encourage your staff to improve their health by moving more, but its also a great way to get staff talking to one another and develop healthy competition, particularly if there is a prize on offer! Why not reward the highest step count with a prize such as vouchers or even go the extra mile and get a customised award made for your top performing staff member!

Does your business offer discounted gym memberships? Or perhaps you simply want to encourage your staff to keep more hydrated? Promotional gym bottles are what your business needs. Not only does gifting your employees or potential customers with branded sports bottles actively encourage a more active lifestyle, but it also allows your employees to become brand advocates every time they hit the gym! That’s all free extra brand exposure.

Another useful fitness-related corporate gift idea is branded gym bags. This large duffel bag allows plenty of space for you to bring your gym kit to work, whilst also supporting your brand marketing with a large printable surface area for showing off your company logo.   

With the fitness industry booming, wearables are becoming increasingly popular and they make a really memorable, valued corporate gift. A watch is a great branding opportunity, with the option to be worn by the lucky recipient 24/7. These branded bluetooth fitness smart watches feature a step counter, burnt calorie counter, distance tracker and digital clock, and work in conjunction with a free app (available on Google Play and iTunes) to help monitor progress made.

Perhaps you’re not facing a sedentary lifestyle and in fact, your business is within the fitness industry. Fitness-related promotional products are great for gyms, sports teams, fitness events or even Personal Trainers too. Towels with your logo are a great promotional product for all of the above, helping keep your gym more hygienic and showing off your branding with every use. Why not offer a towel to new members when they sign up? It’s a great way to build a relationship with customers and everyone appreciates a freebie!

Promotional products are a great tool for actively encouraging wellness in the workplace, an area not to be ignored!

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