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Branded Promotional Gifts to Celebrate National Chocolate Week

Branded Promotional Gifts to Celebrate National Chocolate Week

Here's something to get your taste buds tingling. Did you realise there was such a week as National Chocolate Week?  Well there is and it takes place in just under two weeks time so why not raise momentum with some chocolaty branded promotional gifts

This years Chocolate Week takes place from the 15th October - 21st October in London.  It attracts chocolatiers from across the world who are desperate to exhibit to visitors why their chocolate is the best.  This also means talks and demonstrations as well as yummy tasters distributed from their best creations.  Chocolate week is the main calendar event for chocolate lovers in the UK and brings together chocolate lovers across the world.   Whilst the event may be strictly for chocolatiers, any organisation can join in the excitement and the build up to the event. 

The history of chocolate is an interesting one.  It is believed that Hernan Cortes, an ambassador of Christopher Columbus, was the first person to be gifted cocoa.   He initially took it to Spain in 1527, where is was taxed very highly meaning only rich people could afford it.  It was also guarded very closely to ensure it was protected at all times.  Around 1650 it was brought to the UK where it was still priced highly meaning only rich people could afford to drink it.  

It wasn't until the 18th Century until the chocolate we know today was created.  This means that before this time, no one would have understood how delicious chocolate is!  Chocolate and cocoa are now engrained into our lives, so it may be surprising that it has been around for a relatively short time.   It was only around this time that chocolate actually became affordable for the majority of people.  

There are many different types of chocolate available on our website, which can also be used to create excitement for Chocolate Week, from individually wrapped chocolates to big boxes, the possibilities are endless.  Or with it being so close to Christmas, you could combine the two events and gift your customers one big chocolate gift.  It's important to put some through into retaining existing customers to ensure success in 2019.   This can be done through the use of gifts, as you will be showing your customers that they are appreciated which can improve their loyalty to your brand.  

Never fear, it's not too late to get in on the fun as we have a whole host of express chocolaty branded promotional gifts that will still get to you in time – your customers won't be disappointed!

Posted: 4th Oct 2018

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