Branded Promotional Gifts For The Environmentally Conscious

The last in our trilogy looking at more 'serious' types of branded promotional gifts, today we're looking at eco-friendly related types of giveaways. We've always carried a large range of recycled and recyclable promotional items on our website but with the recent push on eliminating single-use plastics and the advancing technology being developed, there is a whole further range of giveaways that come with eco-friendly credentials.

While stationery has always the firm leader in this category, there is much more to our eco-friendly range that you might not be aware of...

Davington Natural Jute Bags
Product Code: 192292

Admittedly eco-friendly bags have been around for some time, we do have rather a large range with some more unusual than others. Take this bag made from natural jute with L.D.P.E backing and contrasting white edges.

Bamboo Eco Coffee Cups
Product Code: 195826

Reusable and recyclable! An eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper cups, these can hold a regular-sized take away coffee from all major stores. Do your part to reduce the 1 billion single-use cups that go into landfills each year.

Dynamo Torch
Product Code: 184176

Power these torches up with a repetitive motion on the trigger and you will be able to see what you need without the expenditure of batteries!

Bamboo Straws
Product Code: 196444

Reusable and made from sustainable bamboo, offering a great alternative for disposable plastic straws. These branded straws can be customised with your designs, text and logos either printed or engraved to the body of the straw. 

Recycled Newspaper USB Stick
Product Code: 182566

You needn't be without your tech with our most eco-friendly USB flashdrive ever. Recycled newspapers are compressed to make a hard outer casing for our superior quality memory drives. 

So there's much more to eco-friendly branded promotional gifts than you may have thought. Just type in 'eco' to our search box at the top to see the full range.