How Branded Mugs Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

by Vicky Gardner | 12th Feb 2019

How Branded Mugs Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Take a look around your office, can you spot a desk without a mug on it?

We doubt it.

Nobody survives the 9-5 grind without tea or coffee.

The average mug is used approximately 2,000 times in its life cycle. This means each mug has over 2,000 promotional opportunities.

One of the most tried and tested ways of marketing is promotional mugs. It's a traditional way of marketing and a welcome gift for customers, clients or staff, so why would you use anything else?

When choosing to invest in promotional products, many businesses are cautious over which products to choose. However, if you are just starting out then promotional mugs are one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. Branded mugs are a low risk, high impact product guaranteed to be received well by the customer.

So, why are logo printed mugs considered to be so effective? The simple answer is because they are so reliable.

People will always need to use a mug, so their appreciation for the product will be a sincere one.  Whether the mug is used at home or at work, it’s all effective brand exposure and marketing budget well spent!

There is something about a promotional mug which people genuinely appreciate. The more 'bridges' you build with your customers, the more chance they will be loyal to your company when they order products or services.

Research has shown that whilst the UK is out of recession, purse strings are still being tightened. Where this is the case, businesses have started to spend more on their promotional gifts to encourage people to shop and stay loyal to their brand.  

At Total Merchandise, you can also design the mug so it is completely your branding. This not only means your logo but can also mean your companies strapline and company colours as well. All you need to do is pop the kettle on!