The Best April Fools Day Jokes 2017: Part 2

The Best April Fools Day Jokes 2017: Part 2

Earlier this week we showed you a few of our favourite April Fools Day jokes that companies have played this year, but you didn’t think that was it… did you? We’ve got a few more giggles up our sleeve to inspire you to get creative and have fun with your customers. Let’s jump straight in…


Penguin Studies MSc

Doesn’t this sound like the best course ever?! The University of Dundee announced via Twitter their breaking news: that their Penguin Studies MSc is now accepting applications. Once you click on the course contents it just keeps getting better: “Each student with receive one adult penguin to raise over the year” and you have the opportunity to enrol on the module of "Penguinese – the language of penguins". Well played, Dundee University.


New Balls for England Rugby

In a hilarious campaign by England Rugby Sevens squad, captain Tom Mitchell told the media: "We’ve been training with the ostrich eggs for a couple of months now after coaches hatched a plan to help us improve for the rest of the season… We’re always looking for ways to improve and this is one example of how we can hopefully achieve this in the World Series". I’d definitely get tickets to see that!


Train Tats

Are you stuck over what you should get for a tattoo? Has the inspiration now hit you yet? Or, worse, are you still using paper train tickets like some sort of medieval person? Let Virgin Trains introduce their new contactless ticket system: train tickets permanently tattooed on their body, all done with the magic of Tick-Ink. Chief Innovation Officer at Virgin Trains, John Sullivan, said: "We receive hundreds of calls from customers about missing or misplaced season tickets every year and we wanted to provide people with a clever way of always having their ticket on them. What better way than to have it permanently tattooed on their body?" Not sure we’re that die-hard for Virgin Trains…


Third Class Train Carriages

Speaking of train jokes, The i News released that third class standing-only train carriages are set to be introduced to ease overcrowding. One of the paper’s writers, Cahil Milmo, wrote: "Ministers have drawn up secret proposals to allow rail companies to strip seating from up to three carriages per train as franchise operators struggle to cope with burgeoning demands on Britain’s creaking rail infrastructure and rising customer dissatisfaction… The introduction of standing-only carriages is understood not to affect passengers’ right to make completely unnecessary phone calls, or bring the largest suitcases they can find onto crowded commuter transport".


We have to say, the train tattoos were definitely our favourite! Very clever work from Virgin Trains there. However, all of these companies have shown how creative you can get with such a fun holiday. We can’t wait to see what the big brands have in store for us next year…

Posted: 06/04/2017 11:02:38

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