How to Increase Email Signups

How to Increase Email Signups

Email signups. It’s much easier said than done, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve high levels of it. The newsletters your company release help your brand to stay at the top of the mind of your readers and customers as well as bring regular traffic to your website. However, when you put so much time into creating a newsletter, you want the people there to read them… right? We’ve put together a few top tips on how to increase the number of people who have signed up to your email newsletters.


Offer an incentive

Unfortunately, in this day in age, a lot of people won’t do something for nothing. Therefore, in order to encourage people to do something which benefits you – in this case, sign up to your newsletter – you need to give something back. A lot of pages we have seen recently have offered 10% or 20% off of a purchase when a person signs up to their newsletter. As well as offering vouchers, you could also offer a free gift with purchase such as a promotional t-shirt, or a sweepstake such as offering the chance to win a trip to Costa Rica.


Make it easy

Picture this scenario: you are browsing two similar websites whose products you are relatively interested in. A pop-up comes up on your screen offering you 5% off of your next purchase if you sign up to the newsletter. Sounds good, right? The first website asks just for your email address to receive the voucher code. The second website asks for your full name, date of birth, country of residence, email address and your contact telephone number. Which website are you more keen on getting the 5% off voucher from? Of course, you would choose the one you put in minimal effort for. Therefore, you should ideally just be asking for a person’s email address to complete the sign-up. Any more and it becomes long winded and not worth it for just 5% off.


Show potential subscribers what they can expect

Most people prefer to try before they buy. In this case, when offering a person on your website to sign up to your newsletter, perhaps choose two or three of your popular newsletters to pop up with it as examples. You could also let subscribers know how often you will be sending emails (some people like them daily, others like them less frequently), and you can also let them know you won’t be spamming them and will keep their email addresses confidential.


Following these steps should lead to an increase in subscribers to your newsletter. Ensuring that you are creating relevant, interesting content is incredibly important to retaining these subscribers.

Posted: 29/06/2017 09:44:18

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