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5 Excellent Reasons You Should Choose Branded Metal Bottles

This just in, people: reusable water bottles are having a serious moment right now.

Whether you're working on a fitness campaign or are simply looking for the perfect promotional bottle to hand-out to colleagues, event participants or customers, we've got the ideal item for you: our best-selling 500ml Metal Bottles.

With savvy surrounding eco-conscious choices growing ever higher, giving your customers and staff promotional metal bottles, engraved or printed with your logo, makes an excellent giveaway option. With guaranteed usability, these branded water bottles are ideal for ensuring long-lasting awareness for your business.

These easy-grab bottles make fantastic giveaways which, you can be assured, will be used time-after-time by the recipients, guaranteeing enduring awareness for your business with each outing. Whether they use them for drinks hot or cold, the clever double-walled insulation of these bottles means the contents will stay at the optimum temperature for the longest possible time; it even comes in a smaller 350ml size, too. Your customers can wave bye-bye to throwaway plastic bottles or disposable paper cups and instead enjoy their morning coffee or afternoon squash in an eco-friendly fashion. 

What Sort Of Campaign Would A Promotional Metal Bottle Work Best For?

There is a huge range of marketing campaigns that our 500ml Metal Bottles would work perfectly for, and the universal appeal of these classic metal bottles means they make an excellent promotional giveaway for audiences both young and old. A few examples include:

  • Fitness campaigns: these easy-grab bottles are great for taking to the gym, with the sleek design meaning they can also fit into bike holders, too.
  • Youth-focussed campaigns: the vibrant range of colours and 'cool' aesthetic of our promotional bottles means these promotional bottles will appeal to even the most discerning of teens. 
  • Wellbeing campaigns: these printed metal bottles are ideal for encouraging busy professionals to keep themselves hydrated. Whether you choose a sorbet shade or a sophisticated metallic, these bottles will look super-smart in offices across the UK.

These are just three examples but there are countless others, too. Of course, the real beauty of these promotional metal bottles is everyone needs to drink, meaning these stylish accessories can work for almost every demographic and audience. Including yours!

There's A Branded Metal Bottle To Suit Every Company's Colour Palette

Our range of promotional metal bottles come in a vibrant range of rainbow shades, as well as sophisticated metallics, too. Whether you're after a gloss or matt finish, there's the perfect colour to match your corporate branding - and with your logo printed or engraved on the side of the bottle, it's the perfect way to keep awareness for your business at high at all times. 

Promotional bottles for marketing campaigns

A Printed Metal Bottle Can Add An Eco-Friendly Dimension To Your Business

As already briefly touched upon, the reusable nature of these metal bottles means they offer an environmentally-savvy twist to your marketing efforts. According to statistics shared by Euromonitor, 583.3bn disposable plastic bottles will be sold around the world in 2021, with the planet's oceans anticipated to contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

Avoid waste by opting for eco-friendly promotional products

Encouraging people to opt for sustainable and reusable options in place of throw-away items is a small yet mighty way for your business to assert its stance on these heartbreaking statistics. Neatly demonstrating that your business is on top of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), a branded metal bottle is a statement-making promotional product that speaks volumes without actually saying a word. 

Branded Metal Bottles Have Guaranteed Long-Term Usability

Their reusable nature means they can be grabbed and filled day after day, with drinks hot and cold, soft and caffeinated... And everything in between! With your logo on display at each use, your brand will be constantly present in the daily lives of your customers.

Your Branding & Logo Will Be Taken Out & About

The easy-use nature of these metal bottles means they are as ideal for the morning commute as they are for going on a stroll with the dog. Whether your target customer is at school or at work, the significant print area on these promotional bottles means passers-by won't be able to miss your branding. Hello, endless brand awareness...

Finally: our Branded Metal Bottles Suit All Sorts Of Audiences

Whether your target customer is a university student or a city worker, a member of a sports club or a valued in-store client, these metal bottles make a great reward (or incentive!) for their loyalty. We'll drink to that - and so will they!

Find out more about about our best-selling branded metal bottles and contact us today for your bespoke quote.

Written by

Katie Clark | Digital Marketing Manager

With over a decade in print and digital journalism, Katie possesses a wide skill-set that incorporates everything from SEO to PR. Joining the team in early 2019, her expertise lies in writing sparkling copy about promotional merchandise and related topics, as well as managing social media activity and developing creative solutions to keep the Total Merchandise brand at the forefront of people’s minds. With a background that includes event-planning and volunteering for charitable organisations, she has a first-hand appreciation for the needs and questions a customer might have when acquiring promotional products for their organisation. In her spare time, she loves reading, going to the cinema and learning to cook.

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