5 Benefits of Using Promotional Pens for Your Marketing Campaign

How many times a day do you think you pick up a pen? For most of us, a pen is never really out of grabbing distance and chances are if it is, one of your colleagues has pinched it!

A promotional pen is a great subtle marketing tool which can be used time after time. If you’re unsure of how a branded pen can add to your marketing, we’ve come up with five simple and proven reasons below.


Cost is key to every and any marketing campaign big or small, your business is out to make money, so every marketing technique needs to be cost-effective and drive return on investment. Custom pens printed with your logo are very cost effective as they have a low price point and are an ‘evergreen’ marketing tool, meaning they never go out of date or fashion. One of our most popular deals for cheap branded pens is on our Curvy Pens. For just £72.50 (+ VAT) your business will have 250 pens to advertise your logo.

This is just one of our many pen offers, which work out more cost effective with larger order quantities.

Advertising that your audience takes everywhere

A pen is a simple tool that can be taken anywhere and everywhere. The journey of an average pen is vast, especially when it’s “borrowed”. Got an amazing idea? Quick write it down! Need to get the details of the address you’re about to visit? Quick, write it down! Suddenly remembered something you need to buy for dinner tonight? What do we do? We write it down. Throughout your day there will be hundreds of moments where you’ll grab a pen and jot it down. If every time this happens your customers, clients or staff are exposed to your logo, that’s lots of subtle marketing your brand can take advantage of!


Look around you, can you see a desk without a pen on it? A pen is a universally used item, which makes it the perfect promotional product. A pen will not simply be discarded or forgotten about because it’s useful. Branded pens are the most popular promotional product and the most borrowed item in the office. The average pen always has more than one user, so it’s a great way for your advertising to travel around the office. Did you know the average pen could draw a line 1.5 miles long? That’s one way to take your logo on the move!

Style variety

Another reason our customers love printed pens as a marketing tool is that they can offer such a range of designs and varieties to suit your brand. With different styles, materials, colours and even types of ink; there is a range of possibilities promotional pens can offer. From the simple, comfortable design of our best-selling Curvy Ballpens to the more unusual novelty Bendy Pen, we can help match a pen to your exact business needs.

Make a lasting impression

We live in a world where impressions are fleeting, you might see a 10-second ad on Facebook and forget about it moments later, we’ve become accustomed to our ephemeral environment. Handing your customer promotional pens gives them something tangible to remember your business. Showing your customers you care by gifting them with a promotional pen is a simple act of kindness which will go a long way. As much as we live in a digital world, pens are still very much an everyday essential and a useful, valued gift.


Convinced that pens will make a great addition to your offline strategy? Grab a pen and make a note to call us on 01376 509092 so we can help with your promotional needs!

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