Promotional Keyrings

Your Key to Budget Friendly Promotional Advertising

Promotional keyrings are decorative, practical and cost-effective promotional giveaways or gifts for campaigns of all sizes. Universally suitable for almost any recipient, printed keychains are ideal mobile branding opportunities certain to get your company logo or customised message seen with every use. Total Merchandise has an ever-expanding collection of the most popular, useful and unique corporate keychains for you to choose from. From plastic key fobs to metal key holders, torch keyrings to bottle opener keyrings, you are guaranteed to find something to suit your advertising requirements and budget.

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The key ring in itself was designed to connect a small item to a key, the key to its keeper and (in terms of promotional advertising) connect them to your brand. Corporate keychains have the potential to be a connecting link between company and patron, branded with a business logo that will be visible with every use, every day. Whether they are made from metal, leather, plastic or even eco-friendly materials, printed keyfobs will keep business and recipient connected long after the initial exchange. They even have the potential to advertise to any third party that catches a glimpse.


Compact and lightweight, the custom keyring has long been one of the most common souvenirs or advertising items in the UK, with countless variations and many more being dreamed up every day. The versatile keyring or its more decorative sibling the key fob easily adapt to uses other than minding your keys. Branded leather and metal keyholders can offer a sense of class and style as corporate gifts or giveaways, while multi-functional trolley coin keyrings, LED keyrings or even USB keychains can expand on a merely decorative purpose and aspire to extend your advertising life in a motion of practicality.


In moments a custom keyring can be attached not only to a set of keys but to a belt or a zip pull on a bag or wallet, instantly immersing your company logo in your customer’s everyday life - all for comparably little cost. Not to mention that in a time of constantly advancing technology and trends, almost every set of keys is still adorned with a printed key fob. As a tried and tested promotional tool, they are a timeless investment that still appeals to customers of all ages and tastes.


With so many options available to such a universally appealing product, they are without a doubt one of the most sensible choices for any merchandising campaign. A great way to help ensure your customer keeps track of their keys and keeps your brand at the forefront of their mind.


Total Merchandise offers different branding methods to cater to every variety of promotional keychain. With a collection that includes embossed leather key fobs, engraved metal keyrings, ad loop keyrings and even keyholders with your logo printed in up to full colour, you are certain to find an option that showcases your corporate design to the best of its potential.