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Today (October 10th 2023) is officially World Mental Health Day - so there's no better time to give some thought to the promotional products that can help your staff keep their mental health in check.

From stress and anxiety to burnout and depression, there are all sorts of ways the people most important to your business might be struggling. And they're not alone: the charity Mind reports that one-in-four people will experience a mental health issue every single year.


What Is World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day is a global annual awareness day that takes place on October 10th each year.

The event is organised by the World Federation for Mental Health, with the goal of raising awareness for mental health issues around the world.

World Mental Health Day also drums up support for mental health issues and those who are affected by them. 

How Can A Business Support Its Team's Mental Wellbeing?

The figures surrounding mental health in the UK are alarming. As well as that shocking one-in-four stat we shared earlier, mental health problems have also been attributed to Brits taking 72 million sick days each year; in fact, research suggests that 13% of all sick days can be linked to mental health. 

So what can the typical workplace do to improve the mental well-being of its staff? We've rounded up a few simple tips that might be worth considering...

  • Create a positive work environment: Foster a workplace culture that values mental health and well-being. Promote open discussion and encourage employees to talk about their mental health concerns without fear of discrimination or stigma.
  • Mental health training and awareness: Offer training to managers and employees on recognising the signs of mental health issues. If possible, educate your staff about available mental health resources and support.
  • Regular check-ins: Ensure that there are regular one-on-one meetings between employees and their managers, giving both parties the opportunity to discuss workload, stressors, and overall job satisfaction. Encourage peers to check in on each other and provide support when needed.
  • Ask for feedback on what the company can do better: Regularly gather feedback from employees about their mental health needs and what they think of the company's efforts to support their mental wellbeing. Use their insights to make improvements to your mental health support initiatives.

These are far from quick-fix solutions and will require time, effort and patience from across the company to be rolled out successfully. Of course, every business is unique, so it's essential to tailor mental health support initiatives to your team's specific needs and the resources that you have available. 

In the meantime - and whether you're ordering for staff or want to hand out items to potential customers at an upcoming event - we've gathered together a few of our favourite mental health giveaway items, all ready to order today.

Whether you want to encourage people to unwind with some colouring or take five with a soothing cup of tea, we've got the perfect products to help. Read on to find out more! 

Brew A Moment Of Calm With Printed Tea Bags

We'll start simple - because it doesn't come much easier than boiling the kettle, does it? According to research, green tea is proven to reduce anxiety and its associated symptoms.

Our promotional tea bags are individually packed and come printed with your logo in up to full colour on the wrapper. Whether you put them in the office kitchen or hand them out to customers at events, they're a promotional product with a guaranteed use that will ensure the end-user thinks of your brand with each sip!

Reduce Stress With Promotional Colouring Books

Whilst colouring in might seem like an activity reserved purely for kids, it can actually be an incredibly relaxing hobby for adults, too. Encouraging the user to practice mindfulness techniques and lowering anxiety levels at the same time, colouring combines with pangs of childhood nostalgia to result in a soothing activity that can truly help adults switch off. 

Insights shared by Birmingham City University explore the full range of stress-reducing benefits that the simple art of colouring in can have on people. One key thing to note from their research is that colouring-in can help to calm the amygdala - that's the 'fear centre' of the brain, for the uninitiated. 

Total Merchandise has an assortment of promotional colouring books available, with each ideal for encouraging the user to unwind - even if just for a few minutes. If you're tempted, don't forget to add some colouring pencils on to your order to complete the gift in style!

Help People Get Physical With Promotional Fitness Gifts

Getting physical - whether it's going for a walk at lunchtime or a yoga class after work - is consistently proven to have a positive effect on mild depression. Why? Research suggests even light exercise is able to create a chemical change in the brain, which can boost mood and self-esteem.

With that in mind, giving your colleagues products that gently remind them to be more active could offer a subtle yet significant way to help staff deal with mental health issues. Why not arm your team members with our promotional pedometers and challenge them to a step-counting challenge? 

For more ideas, explore our range of branded sports and fitness merchandise. 

Give Them Something To Take It Out On With Branded Stress Balls

Total Merchandise has a huge range of personalised stress balls available. Whether you want a design that ties in with a specific industry or are looking for something that can appeal to anyone, we have the perfect stress ball for you! 

Special mention goes to our Stress Speech Bubbles, which display your brand message clearly and are perfect for encouraging people to talk about how they're feeling. 

Encourage People To Write Things Down With Promotional Notebooks

Writing things down can help reduce mental taxation. Emptying the mind - whether it's pouring out inner-most thoughts or simply writing a list of everything that needs to be achieved that day - is a highly effective method of helping people to prioritise and assess, whether it's tasks or feelings they're analysing!

With that in mind, arming your colleagues with notebooks that they can have to-hand whenever they need them can prove invaluable. It might sound simple - and it is! But it really can have a positive impact on your team. We have a huge range of branded notebooks available; browse now to find the perfect match for your business!

Fidget Toys Can Help Bump Up Focus & Lower Stress

Fact: having something to fidget with can improve productivity, renew focus and reduce stress. Whilst they might not be the most obvious of workplace superheroes, our all-singing, all-dancing branded fidget spinners make great quirky giveaways for your company to hand-out to customers and staff alike. 

For a more portable approach, consider our Fidget Pop Keyrings. Ideal for use during the daily commute or while preparing to head into a meeting, these neat keyrings are perfectly sized for keeping in pockets. 

Explore our full range of promotional wellbeing gifts for more ideas. Need help finding a specific item? Contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team by calling 01376 509092 or emailing today. Main image copyright Vie Studio via 

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