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How to Get People to Love Your Brand on Valentines Day: Part 2

How to Get People to Love Your Brand on Valentines Day: Part 2

We’ve already shared with you some of our LOVEly (get it?) top tips on how to encourage people to notice and engage with your brand around the time of Valentine’s Day. We mentioned how selfies have caused a storm, how you could romanticise what you have (who said pork pies can’t be romantic?) and how you should be targeting the right people. If you don’t think Valentine’s Day is worth the hype, check out these statistics: in 2015 the National Retail Federation survey projected spending for Valentine’s Day to hit almost $20 billion in the United States, and over 70% of shoppers start to look online first for their Valentine’s Day gift. So, what does this tell you? That your online presence over Valentine’s Day has got to be strong! Make sure you capitalise on this big day by following a few more of our TM top tips…


Get a social media campaign together

Surely you saw this one coming! Your Instagram feed is probably already fantastic, so why not take it up one more notch by doing a social media campaign specific to this day of love? You can provide value to your audience in a fun, creative and effective way. For ideas on how to do this, consider the content you will be displaying; you could change your Facebook cover photo to a Valentine’s themed style of your logo, and include lots of hearts and cupids in your imagery to engage customers. After all, posts on Facebook are much more likely to be seen with an image attached - so keep the visuals going! You could also consider doing a Valentine’s Day giveaway to encourage more social interaction.


Use videos

Do you remember the Speed Dating campaign Ford did back in 2015? If not, check it out – it went viral for a reason! Now that we’re in 2018 we can see that videos are bigger than ever. Video posts on Facebook receive the highest levels of engagement over any other content, so how can you get involved in the video world? You could consider getting your customers involved by putting together a competition where they submit a video of them doing something you think is Valentine’s related, for instance if you own a restaurant it could be of people sharing spaghetti like in Lady and The Tramp, and then use this content to make your own Valentine’s video (with their permission, of course!). Get a relevant hashtag for the video campaign and launch it on social media.


To conclude, do get involved in Valentine’s Day – your significant other in the digital marketing world is your brand! You love your brand, so why shouldn’t you encourage other people to love it too? 

Posted: 9th Jan 2018

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