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Branded promotional products to help celebrate St. David's Day

Branded promotional products to help celebrate St. David's Day

St. David's Day is on the 1st of March and is the first of the UK patron saint days this year, so make sure you celebrate it in style with some great branded promotional products with a Welsh twist. 


Aside from our UK patron saint days being an excuse for a Bank Holiday, they're typically celebrated with traditions local to the area associated with the patron saint. In Wales, it's good food, good music, a chance to show off those pipes with a good singsong and heaps of good cheer.  Everyone can get in on the fun atmosphere and celebrate with their own take on Welsh themed giveaways. 


Dragon Logobugs
Product Code: 185851

If we're going to go all out Welsh, then we've got to include the standards. No Welsh celebration would be complete with out a dragon! These little logo bugs are unusual enough to stand out and, of course, can include your branding on their tail. 


Bespoke Stress Shapes
Product Code: 182013

While we do have some (admittedly) random types of stress toys - like toast and brains - we don't have leeks but never fear, you can get your own custom stress toy made especially with space for your logo too.


Bedford Sport Umbrella
Product Code: 181774

Now the likelihood of the weather behaving for any great length of time over the St. David's Day week is slim and while we do know this, we are optimists and always hold out hope of some sun. For when that inevitably does not happen, we have umbrellas (with one of the largest areas of all for brand awareness) – sturdy ones at that for the accompanying wind that likes to frustrate us.


Avalanche Bluetooth Speakers
Product Code: 191965

Music is a part of the fabric of Wales so no celebration would be complete without some good tunes and all whilst your logo is on display.


Flared Top Tot Glasses
Product Code: 186308

Of course there's always a reason to raise a glass. No matter the tipple, be it alcoholic or not, a wee snifter of something or other is very welcome. Get the ocassion etched on the glass along with your brand for a memorable keepsake of the day. 

So there you have it, an alternative take on St. David's Day and the sorts of branded promotional products you can have fun with. For lots more promotional product inspiration, have a click through our Categories along the top of the website.

Posted: 10th Jan 2019