The Total Merchandise Summer Sale

Looking for promotional products at discount prices that are guaranteed to offer your business great value for money? You've come to the right place.

The Total Merchandise 2020 summer sale is here to bring you a huge range of clearance promotional products and discounted branded merchandise, perfect for helping stretch any marketing budget that bit further. And let's be honest: who doesn't love knowing they've secured a brilliant deal for their company? 

We have a wide range of promotional offers available, including branded USBs, printed bags, promotional pens and much more, all available with significant savings – but only while stocks last!

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Promotional Foil Sealed Desktop Advent Calendars with Your Corporate Logo
Foil Sealed Desktop Advent Calendars

10% off

From £2.15 £1.94

Promotional Webcam Privacy Covers Printed with Your Logo
Webcam Privacy Covers

5% off

From £0.76 £0.72

Brite Americano Mugs
Best Sellers
Made in UK
Brite Americano Mugs

Up to 39% off

From £2.47 £1.87

Branded Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Printed with your Logo
Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

5% off

From £8.47 £8.05

Promotional hand clapper for events
5 Working Days Delivery Time
Hand Clappers

Up to 9% off

From £0.58 £0.53

Custom Branded PopSockets With Your Logo in Full Colour
10 Working Days Delivery Time

Up to 25% off

From £3.11 £3.04

Promotional Foil Sealed Large Advent Calendars Printed with Your Design
Foil Sealed Large Advent Calendars

10% off

From £2.52 £2.27

15mm Short Strap Release Lanyard
15mm Short Strap Release Lanyard

5% off

From £0.32 £0.30

Branded Deck Chairs Printed With Your Custom Artwork From Total Merchandise
5 Working Days Delivery Time
Custom Deck Chairs

Up to 10% off

From £49.94 £44.94

Branded Eco Plant Reusable Coffee Cups from Plant Material
Eco Plant Reusable Coffee Cups

Up to 6% off

From £5.81 £5.44

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Discount promotional merchandise

Our Biggest Ever Summer Sale Has Begun!

This summer, we're offering businesses across the UK a huge range of promotional products at bargain prices. Whether you're preparing to get back to work after the COVID-19 lockdown or are simply looking for new and creative ways to generate brand awareness, our summer 2020 sale is here to help. 

With over 350 promotional products available at discount prices, the Total Merchandise summer sale includes everything from branded mugs and promotional tote bags to branded notepads, printed USB sticks and so much more. 

Everyone loves a bargain, no? Here at Total Merchandise, we're always looking for opportunities to help our customers save more with their promotional giveaways, bringing you exclusive discounts and offers that will help you max your marketing budget - and your brand awareness.

While our prices are often the lowest in the industry as a standard, we also take pride in offering special discounts that will offer your business huge reductions. Our range of clearance promotional merchandise is filled with bargains too good for your company to ignore!

Want to make the most of these amazing discounts for your business? Be quick - offers this good can't hang around forever. 

Secure A Branded Bargain For Your Business

Total Merchandise is excited to bring you a wide selection of discounts and offers on our promotional giveaways.

Of course, we're all aware of the importance promotional giveaways play in successful marketing campaigns. So what's not to love about scoring your branded merchandise at special reduced prices? 

Research has shown customers experience a genuine buzz when they make a purchase in the sales as they know they’re getting a deal - and our range of discounts are perfect for securing a saving for your brand. 

Clearance Merchandise: Once It's Gone, It's Gone

By the way, it's not just about great savings. Some of our products are clearance promotional items, meaning that once they sell out, they're gone for good!

These are promotional items that have worked hard - and well - to advertise the company logos of many of our customers with great success but are now only available in limited stock quantities. 

The takeaway? Be quick - because once these fantastic promotional products have been snapped up, there are no second chances. 

Keep Costs Low With Reduced Promo Products

Our promotional merchandise offers cover some of our best-selling branded giveaways, with a mix of current trends, popular choices and tried-and-tested customer favourites that prove popular time after time.

In short, you can be confident you're making a sound investment with these branded bargains, and all for unbeatable low prices. We secure these products for a limited period of time with exclusive discounts from our suppliers, which we're always delighted to be able to pass on to you!

These promotional giveaways might well still be available once the sale is over but there’s no guarantee the prices will stay as low. To avoid disappointment, we'd recommend placing your order before the special offer end date - otherwise, you might just miss out.

Alternatively, some of the products here boast prices we’ve managed to reduce for you as standard - no ‘special offer’ here! Rather, we've just managed to secure exclusive discounted costs. So if you don’t see ‘limited availability’ or an ‘offer ends’ date, you know that’s what you’re looking at.

Want to turn these into branded resale items for your own business or shop? The savings you make on these corporate giveaways can help you to resell to your customers at low prices while still maintaining a healthy profit. Engrave with your logo or even print in up to full colour across many of these practical high-quality discounted promotional products and secure your customers and clients without breaking the bank.

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