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A promotional pen is arguably one of the most widely used low-cost giveaways in the world. We use a pen on average six times a day and Total Merchandise has a variety of pens and pencils available including full-colour print ballpoint pens, mix and match ballpens, metal pens, frosted finish pens, stylus ballpens, recycled ballpens, engraved pens, bamboo pens, stainless steel or aluminium pens, rollerball pens and permanent markers. We also offer leading and premium brands such as BiC, Sheaffer, Prodir, Waterman, Balmain, Pierre Cardin, Parker, Uniball, Premec and Cross. We also have promotional pencils with and without erasers, FSC wooden pencils, recycled pencils, coloured pencils and many more. Express branded pens and pencils can be ready in just 48 hours.

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Promotional Eraser for schools

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Turnus USB Ballpens
Turnus USB Ballpens

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Promotional Art Sets for childrens giveaways
Art Sets

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Bendy Eraser
Bendy Eraser

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Curvy Pens
Curvy Pens

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According to BPMA, "In the UK the humble ballpoint pen tops the list of promo items every year when it comes to value for money" and promotional pens are a Total Merchandise best seller year-on-year. Being small, lightweight and easy to carry, a printed pencil or branded pen is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your brand in front of your customers; when chosen with care, a pen or pencil can represent your brand and maximise impact with quality, innovation, style, quirkiness or multi-functionality.

There are plenty of speciality or novelty pens if you’re looking for something a bit different from the "humble ballpen". Banner pens have a unique roll out surface to maximise space for messaging, Mix & Match pens enable you to customise the entire pen to create something totally unique to your brand or you could Pantone match a personalised pen to your corporate colours; some promotional pens even incorporate a screen cleaning pad, USB, torch, stylus or are multifunctional.


An antibacterial printed pen might appeal if your customers or your business are involved in healthcare, social care or catering, and an engraved wooden, bamboo or recycled pen or pencil are easy ways to demonstrate your eco business credentials or sustainability message.


For something more retro and quirky, a floating pen is a fun idea where you could, quite literally, float your own boat! These promotional pens are perfect to demonstrate a direction of travel or momentum or show multiple layers of messaging.


There’s a wide range of printing and personalisation options available including etching or engraving, spot colour to full-colour print, colour wraps, and a choice or barrel or clip colours to custom build the perfect branded pen for your business. And for executive pens, we offer the top brands of pen, rollerball and fountain pen, as well as boxed gift sets.


Total Merchandise has 14 years experience testing and supplying promotional pens and pencils so whatever you’re looking to achieve, we can help you find the 'write' product! Request a quote, a free sample or a call back via our website or call our UK sales team on 01376 509092.