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How to Get People to Love Your Brand on Valentines Day: Part 1

How to Get People to Love Your Brand on Valentines Day: Part 1

That highly anticipated/dreaded day of love is fast approaching, and whilst Valentine’s Day is in a lot of couple’s diaries, it should also be in every marketer’s diary, too! Whether you love to love, or hate the cringe, it is undeniable that celebrations of Valentine’s Day cover all of the TV ads and store shelves come the beginning of February. As a general rule of thumb, we have always suggested starting thinking about your campaigns about 6 weeks in advance of the big date, so that means your ideas about Valentine’s Day should ideally be coming together this week. We’ve put together a few ways we think you can tailor your brand towards this day of love, with a few famous examples.


Take a Selfie

Studies have shown that 50% of adults take at least 1 selfie per day – the selfie game is huge right now! You could tailor your brand towards this selfie market by including selfies in your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign – you could ask people to post a picture of something in particular e.g. with a product they love or with one of your products and ask them to use a specific hashtag to get involved. People who use your hashtag could be gifted with a discount code or something similar to encourage engagement.


Get Your Audience Right

Did you know that men often spend nearly twice as much as women do on Valentine’s Day – that is your target market if you are looking to make the most profits! When doing Facebook ads, target men in the 25-34 age bracket and you should see your results soar.


Romanticise What You Have

It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a flower, sweetie or chocolate business – you can still make your product a little sweeter! Use a little rose-tinted photography and put a spin on the usual Valentine’s Day promotions. For example, Ahmad Tea spoke about Galentines Day, where they photographed a few of their delicious teas and asked people to Tweet them how they will be celebrating #GalentinesDay to be in with the chance of winning some of their teas to share with their girlfriends.


Later this week we will reveal a few more ways we think you can get a good return on investment for your Valentine’s Day campaigns and jump aboard this marketing love train! 

Posted: 8th Jan 2018

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