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5 of the best Promotional Items for the UK New Year

5 of the best Promotional Items for the UK New Year

Love it or hate it, clichéd or not, January's always roll around with ideas for starting off on the 'good foot' and potential 'new beginnings'. So stop rolling your eyes for a moment, think how your company could potentially benefit and what could be the best promotional items for the UK New Year for your brand? 

This year I shall... travel more! For the wannabe globe trotters amongst us, this handy adapter does it all and for most of the differing electrical outlets around the world too. Honestly, hands-up who could fill a bag with adapters of all sorts for all our electricals? Well no more with this super useful giveaway... 


This year I shall... get fit! Ugh yes the old standards but nevertheless it is a popular goal. With all the new tech there is in this sector, it's easy to have an impressive giveaway. Plus the perceived value of this promotional item is pretty high. 


This year I shall... get organised. Running around in circles is soo last year. Work smart not hard and all those other motivational sayings. This handy little one-stop-shop of organisational tools (loaded up with your brand of course) is perfect to accompany clients everyday and everywhere.  


This year I shall... get a hobby. Whether it be DIY, house maintenance, camping, crafting, fishing – the possibilities are endless with this practical multi function tool and so are the target markets too. It has 15! functions and that's not including the 'alternatives' ones you can think up.


Wooden Puzzle
Wooden Puzzle

From £1.05

This year I shall... have more fun! Adulting can be pretty tiresome but on a more serious note, it really is healthier to remember to lighten up and enjoy the little things or just be silly and laugh. We have all manner of promotional fun and games on the website, this wooden puzzle being just one of our amusing brain teasers, so get your company associated with the positive things in life.


Choosing promotional items for the UK New Year resolution influx is all that bit easier given we've thousands of promotional items on our website but hopefully these suggestions will get you thinking on what's best for your marketing in particular.  

Posted: 8th Nov 2018

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