Promotional Teddy Bear Keyrings

Add A Bear-y Cute Finish To Your Marketing Campaign With These Keyrings

Brace yourselves, people: things are about to get adorable around here. Total Merchandise’s range of promotional teddy bear keyrings is perfect for adding some paws for thought to your latest marketing campaign, whether your target audience sits within the school-age or professional demographic. Because let’s be honest - who can resist a teddy bear keyring?

Of course, you’re not limited just to bears when it comes to our range of adorable promotional keyrings: rather, we also have a wide range of other animals for you to take your pick from, too. Whether you opt for a printed dog or a branded sea lion, one thing is for sure: our range of teddy bear keyrings is perfect for adding a touch of charm to any marketing campaign.

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Promotional teddy bear keyrings

Bring a touch of comfort to your customers’ busy daily lives with a sweet promotional teddy bear keyring, which can add a twist of childhood-reminiscent charm - as well as brand awareness for your business - to even something as mundane as popping out to buy milk.  

Take Your Marketing Out & About With A Promotional Teddy Bear Keyring

Whereas a normal teddy can be left at home or discarded on a shelf in the office, a printed teddy bear keyring will most likely be used on a daily basis. Why? Well - that keyring element makes it ideal for adding onto bunches of keys for the house, office or car. The keys will be more visible for your customer, whilst your branding will also be on display whenever your customers head out.

Prepare for Bear-y Cheap Prices With Our Selection of Promo Keyrings

Worried that your marketing budget won’t be able to stretch far enough? Think again, people. Our super-cute Toby Bear Keyring is resplendent in a smart sash printed with your branding, with prices beginning as low as £1.42 per Toby (dependent on order size). Also of note is our promotional Jay Jay Bear Keyring - this happy chappy wears a T-shirt that’s printed with your artwork, meaning your branding is on display from the moment he’s added onto a bunch of keys.

Fact: Kids Will Love These Promotional Teddy Bear Keyrings

The portable nature of these teddy bear keyrings means they’re the perfect size for little ones to take out and about with them, whether they want to pop them into a school bag or put them in a pocket for a trip to the park.

The gorgeous Chester Bear Keyring is an excellent option to consider for child-focused marketing activity (who can resist that little face?), whilst the shaggy adorability of the promotional Keychain Dog is, arguably, too much. He’s just the cutest!

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