Winter Promotional Giveaways

Total Merchandise is pleased to offer your business a wide range of winter promotional giveaways, with our range covering everything from branded ice scrapers to printed travel mugs

Of course, the beauty of our winter-inspired promotional merchandise is most of these items can be used throughout the year - taking into account the unpredictability of the UK weather, as well as matching the needs of your customers’ ever-busy lives. Whether you want branded gloves to give to motorists or printed hi vis backpack covers for an audience of cyclists, we’ve got exactly what your wintry campaign needs. 

Heat up your marketing campaign and browse our selection of cool winter giveaway ideas below, and contact us today for your bespoke quote!

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Branded Beanie Hats for event merchandise
Beanie Hats

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Branded Antibacterial Lanyards Printed with your Company Logo from Total Merchandise
Antibacterial Lanyards

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Winter is coming! Even if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, it can pay dividends to make sure your business has seasonal-friendly promotional merchandise ready for the cooler months of the year. Why? Because it shows your business is reactive, has its finger on the pulse (or thermometer, in the case of winter) and has the welfare of its customers at its centre.

Make Frosty Mornings A Bit More Bearable With These Promotional Ideas

We’ve all been there: running late for work and frantically trying to scrape ice off the windscreens of our cars. However, your business can help make this experience a thing of the past for your customers!

How? Enter our deluxe ice scrapers, which can be printed with your company’s logo and are as brilliant for removing ice as they are for generating awareness for your brand. Our classic ice scraper is another solid option - prices for both start at just 51p per scraper, meaning it’s highly budget-friendly, too.

How about customers who aren’t driving? Shivering at the bus stop or on a train platform can be made that little bit more tolerable with the help of our best-selling Thermo Travel Mug, which is available in a wide range of colours and is printed with your logo and artwork. The result? The perfect cuppa-on-the-go for your customers, as well as out-and-about awareness for your brand with every use. 

Also of note are our Universal Take Out Cups and the classic 500ml Stainless Steel Flask, which can be printed or, for a special touch, engraved with your company’s logo. Who knew a flask could be so fancy? 

Get Your Branding Wrapped Up With Our Range Of Cosy Scarves & Hats

Help your customers stay warm and cosy whilst also maximising your brand awareness with our range of printed and embroidered hats and gloves. 

These Premium Knit Beanies will look fantastic with your logo neatly embroidered onto the front-and-centre, offering your business a little bit more visibility every time it’s worn. Another bonus of this cosy promotional beanie? It’s an incredibly budget-friendly option; whilst it might exude high-perceived value, prices actually begin at just £2.97 per hat (depending on the size of your order).

Similarly, prices for the Knitted Bobble Hat start from just £4.40 per item; this jacquard knitted hat is perfect for accentuating your brand, whilst also offering your audience a warm, cosy hat that will help keep them warm all winter long. 

It doesn’t end there! We also have Ladies’ Zipped Fleece Jackets available for branding, too; with your logo embroidered on the front, it’s a great option for generating prolonged awareness for your business; these classic Fruit of the Loom hoodies also make a great option and offer a fantastic amount of space for your artwork. Cosy and promotional - who could resist?

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