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Power Up Your Promotional Merchandise Campaign

There are two practical business gifts that are certain to get your brand noticed when it comes to investing in promotional tech for your UK business: branded power banks and printed USB sticks. A widely-used and budget-friendly giveaway that offers lasting endurance, our selection of promotional memory sticks and power banks are ready and waiting for your logo.

Whether you're wanting branded USB sticks and promotional flash drives for giveaways to customers and colleagues alike, wireless charging pads to sit centre-stage on desks (whether it be at home or in the office) across the UK, or promotional power banks for a boost whilst out-and-about, we have the perfect item that guarantees to power-up your marketing - and your devices, of course! 

Browse our full range of branded power banks and branded USB sticks and contact us to get a quote for your business!

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Promotional USB Super Flat Flashdrive for universities
USB Super Flat Flashdrive

Price on application

Branded memory sticked with company logos
USB Key Shaped Flashdrives

Price on application

Chrome USB Flashdrive
Chrome USB Flashdrive

Price on application

USB Super Soft Flashdrive
USB Super Soft Flashdrive

Price on application

Business convention Eco Power Bank is engraved by Total Merchandise to boost your brand presence.
Eco Power Bank

5% off

From £17.47 £16.60

Wireless Phone Charging Pads
Wireless Phone Charging Pads

5% off

From £6.99 £6.64

USB Metal Flip Flashdrive
USB Metal Flip Flashdrive

Price on application

Wireless Mini Phone Charging Pads in White
Wireless Mini Phone Charging Pads

5% off

From £5.24 £4.98

Promotional USB Flashdrive Credit Card business gifts
USB Flashdrive Credit Card

Price on application

USB Light Bulb Flashdrive
USB Light Bulb Flashdrive

Price on application

Spanner USB Flash Drives
Spanner USB Flash Drives

Price on application

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Why Choose Branded USB Sticks & Branded Power Banks?

Promotional memory sticks are a proven powerful marketing tool when it comes to boosting your brand awareness. But don't just take our word for it, according to a recent study published by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), 58% of American consumers own promotional USBs. So it wouldn't be a huge leap to assume that a similar proportion of UK consumers own, or at least would like to own, branded flash drives, too.

It doesn't end there. The same study demonstrates that 41% of consumers use a promotional power bank at least once a week and with 40% keeping their branded power bank for two or more years - the fact is, these long-lasting and highly practical items are certain to power-up your logo exposure.

Keep The Connection With Promotional USBs

Printed memory sticks are widely-used items with universal appeal, most commonly used for backing up, storing and transferring important files from and to different devices. Useful in an array of settings, promotional flash drives are ideal for event giveaways, part of your direct mail campaigns, gifts to your team and more - so much more! 

For example: our USB Flashdrive Twist is continuously chosen by UK businesses time and time again and for good reason. Available in a range of stylish colourways, boasting a swivel metal protector with your logo printed or engraved on it, and with the storage capacity of 128MB - 64GB, these personalised USB sticks are great for almost any target audience and will be appreciated by any lucky recipient.

If you're wanting a branded USB that reflects the industry your business operates in, then look no further than our range of novelty memory sticks. With uniquely shaped USBs such as aeroplanes, spanners, pills and even footballs, we're confident that we've got the perfect match both for your brand and your budget. We also offer an Any Shape You Like Flashdrive that can be made to be completely bespoke to your business!

Choose Printed Power Banks To Spark Your Brand Awareness

With 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide, it would make sense to consider investing in smartphone accessories for your business' promotions. Our Tube Power Banks offer a fuss-free way to keep mobiles and other devices charged up while on-the-go. With 2200 mAh battery size and boasting a cylindrical shape for easy portability, you can feel confident that your customers' will rely on this item time and time again, with your branding on display every time they use it.

Our range of full colour promotional power banks offer eye-catching brand awareness wherever they are used. Great for event giveaways, branded power banks printed with your custom design in full colour - such as Candy Power Banks and 1200mAh Boost Power Banks - are sure to draw attention to your brand at any event. Of course, the beauty of these logo-printed portable chargers is that they will continue to promote your logo long after the event has ended.

Need your branded power banks in a hurry? We understand that deadlines can creep up on us, that's why many of our promotional power banks and portable phone charges are available with Express Dispatch from just 48-hours from proof approval.

Branded Wireless Phone Chargers For Every Demographic

As a nation, Brits have become dependant on the use of their smartphone and other devices in order to stay connected with friends, family and even colleagues - and this has become even more prominent over the last year due to the impact of COVID-19.

For instance, with many companies making the decision to have their team work from home rather than in the office, the need to communicate via devices has heightened and in turn, it has become even more important to make sure mobile phones don't run out of battery. After all, nobody wants to miss a phone call from the boss! Enter our range of wireless phone chargers.

Compatible with any Qi-enabled devices including the latest models of Android and iPhone, wireless phone chargers are an easy-to-use battery booster. Simply place your phone onto the pad and voila, that red battery icon will soon turn green. Not forgetting that these smart gadgets allow charging without wear and tear on the charging port.

Sitting pride of place upon desks and tables across the UK, logo-printed wireless chargers are ready for use at any time, all the while keeping your brand on constant display simultaneously. 

For a tried and tested wireless charger look no further than our best-selling Wireless Phone Charging Pads, chosen by UK businesses and their customer's time and time again. Perhaps you're looking for something different to really add the wow-factor to your promotions, our Wireless Charging Mouse Mats create a whole new experience to charging your phone.

Browse Our Eco-Friendly USBs & Power Banks Today!

For companies who want to demonstrate that they take their corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously, we have a selection of eco-friendly promotional USB flash drives and printed power banks available. All made from sustainable materials such as recycled newspaper, bamboo and even wheat straw, there's an option to make any business' tech giveaways green.

The Bamboo X 5W Wireless Charger is a must-have gadget for any customer or member of staff who values their tech, as well as their environmental responsibility. We also have other options that are made from wheat straw including the Burbank Eco Powerbanks and 5000 mAh Wheat Straw Powerbanks.

Our selection of sustainable wooden USBs and portable and wireless chargers are certain to promote your brands eco-friendly initiative in a powerful way. From our Oaky Wireless Chargers to USB Eco Wooden Twist Flashdrives, these eco-friendly gadgets are sure to be appreciated by any lucky recipient.

Why not explore the full range of power banks & usb sticks we supply, including usb sticks, power banks, wireless charging pads, and express power banks & memory sticks, or take a look at all of our gadgets?

FAQs About Branded Power Banks & Branded USB Sticks Chevron down

Q: Why should I consider power banks and USBs for my marketing?


Offering visibility and long-lasting brand awareness for your business, promotional power banks and branded memory sticks printed with your logo are a powerful marketing tool when it comes to boosting your brand awareness.

Budget-friendly and lightweight, our range of USB sticks and portable chargers make fantastic event giveaways. They’re equally as good for corporate gifts to loyal clients and colleagues alike. With a high perceived value, you can be sure that they will be appreciated by any lucky recipient.

Q: What can printed memory sticks and promotional chargers be used for?


Logo-printed flash drives and portable chargers have many uses for your business, including:

  • Giveaways at events such as tradeshows and exhibitions
  • Corporate gifts to customers and team members
  • Part of goodie bags and direct mail campaigns

And more! Of course, once printed and distributed to your target audience, they can be used time and time again for a range of purposes e.g. transferring files to and from different devices and boosting mobile battery while out-and-about.

Q: What styles of USB sticks and power banks do you sell?


We’re proud to offer one of the UK’s most extensive range of promotional USB sticks and branded power banks – we have over 150 different items available, in fact.

From classic USB Bullet Flashdrives to novelty memory sticks such as our USB Aeroplane Flashdrives and more – we even offer a bespoke USB that can be made to any shape that you like. Not forgetting that our selection of power banks ranges from tube-shaped portable chargers to wireless phone charging pads with Qi-technology!

We even have eco-friendly options available for companies that take both their tech and corporate social responsibility seriously.

And, if you need your branded power banks and USB sticks in a hurry, then there’s no need to worry because many of our items are available with Express Dispatch from just 48-hours from proof approval!

In short: we have a style to suit any business’ unique needs and requirements.

Q: What are your most popular branded USB sticks and power banks?


Without a doubt, our most sought-after promotional USB is the USB Flashdrive Twist and the Tube Power Banks are our customers’ favourite portable charger.

To view all of our best-selling power banks and memory sticks, simply select ‘Best Sellers’ on the Filter by Category. Alternatively, keep an eye out for the rosette icon on the product listings.

Q: What are your cheapest printed flashdrives and power banks?


Most of our promotional USB sticks are priced on application as the costs can fluctuate on a weekly - or even daily - basis.

However, our branded power banks have clear set prices and our best value option is the 1200mAh Boost Power Banks which starts from as little as £1.74 per item.

Some of our other low-cost promo power banks include:

And more!

Q: What materials are your promotional memory sticks and portable chargers made from?


Most of our branded USBs and power banks are made from metal or plastic but we also have other options, too. For example, there’s a selection of items made from recycled paper, sustainable wood, bamboo and even wheat straw.

You can always find more information about our items in the description on the specific product’s listing page.

Q: What can I have printed on my personalised power bank or USB?


What you have printed on your chosen item is entirely up to you but you can always find the print guidelines in the specific product’s listing page via ‘Download Artwork Template’ to help determine if it's the best fit for your business.

Many of our promotional power banks and USB sticks have the option to engrave your design for a long-lasting finish! If engraving is an option, it will always be listed under ‘Print Options’ in the individual product's listing page.

Q: What colours can I order my branded USB sticks and power banks in?


Our personalised memory sticks and portable chargers are available in a rainbow of colours. The colours available for the item you’re considering will always be displayed at the top of that product’s listing page.

Alternatively, if you have specific hue in mind, you can use the Colour selection tool at the top of the category page to view all of the items available in that colour.

Q: I’ve received a cheaper quote for USB sticks or power banks from elsewhere. Can you beat it?


Absolutely! Our size means we've got the biggest buying power in the market, so we can pass the savings onto you. Our pricing structure is periodically independently reviewed against similar suppliers. We're so confident in our pricing that we guarantee that if you find your promotional products cheaper elsewhere, we'll match – and often beat – the price*.

* Advertised like-for-like product, excludes special offers.

Q: Do you offer eco-friendly corporate USBs and branded power banks?


Yes, we do! From wooden USBs to wheat straw wireless chargers, we’ve got an option to suit any business’ eco-friendly needs and requirements.

To view all of our eco-friendly memory sticks and power banks, simply select ‘Eco-friendly’ on the Filter by Category menu.

Q: How quickly can you deliver my logo-printed memory sticks and power banks?


Many of our promotional power banks and branded USBs are available with Express Dispatch of 48-hours from proof approval.

The delivery time of our items will always be clearly displayed in the individual product listing page under ‘Lead Time’. Please note that lead times differ from item to item.

Q: Are free samples available?


Yes! We’re always happy to provide our customers with free unbranded samples of our items. If you would like a free sample of the branded USB or power bank that you are considering, simply request a quote via the Rapid Quote form and ask your account manager, who will be happy to arrange this for you.

Please note that for many of our items, this service is free, but there is sometimes a small charge for higher-value items and printed samples will be chargeable.

Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity on your items?


Yes, we do. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) will always be noted in the specific product’s listing page. The MOQ is the smallest order unit we will accept for that particular item and please note that if you request a quote that doesn’t match that minimum, we will quote you on the minimum instead.

Q: Is there a set-up charge for printed my branding to the USB sticks and power banks?


There is. The set-up charge will always be clearly displayed on the individual product’s listing page.

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