Promotional Multi-Purpose Keyrings

The Key To Success Lies With Our Multi-Tasking Keyrings

Let’s hear it for the keyring! So much more than just a means to hold a bunch of keys together, the typical promotional keyring offers its own distinct function, too. Whether it doubles up as a bottle opener, a torch or a pocket knife (and those are just three of the possibilities), Total Merchandise is delighted to offer a wide range of promotional multi-purpose keyrings, which are perfect for adding an extra edge of practicality to your marketing campaign.

A branded multi-purpose keyring is a win-win promotional merchandise option, really; the more functionality the keyring can offer, the more likely it is to be used by your customers; the more often they use it, the more brand awareness your business can benefit from. Brilliant, no?

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Promotional multi-purpose keyrings

Keep it Playful With A Fun-ctional Branded Keyring

Whether you choose our branded Toby Bear Keyring, the Rubiks Cube Mini Torch keyring (which features your artwork printed on 12 of the 13 squares) or a USB Micro People Flashdrive, we’ve got a variety of options that are perfect for adding a playful touch to your marketing efforts.

And it’s not purely playful - items such as the promotional Hard Hat keyring and Light Bulb keyrings can make great giveaways for people who work in the building or electrician trades, for example. The Spirit Level Tape Measure Keyring and Domed Radiator Key, meanwhile, can prove useful to almost anyone - helpful to your customers when they need it most, these items will become invaluable

Choose A Touch Of Class With High Perceived Value Promotional Keyrings

Want a multi-purpose keyring that can be handed out to your most cherished customers as a sign of your appreciation for them and their loyalty to your business? The Victorinox Mini Champ Pocket Knife could be the perfect option: offering 16 different functions, it’s a bit of a life-saver, which will prove its value time after time.

Whether your customers need a nail file, a screwdriver or a toothpick, this nifty promotional pocket knife will have them covered - and every time they reach to pick it up, they’ll think of your business.

Receive Your Promotional Keyrings In A Flash With Express Delivery

Need an item in a hurry? The Smooth Fabric Keyring - which is not dissimilar to a lanyard in style - can be dispatched in as little as 72 hours when purchased with our express delivery service, as can the classic Embossed Foam Keyrings, which can be cut to your required shape within the outlined sizes.

Why not explore the full range of multi purpose keyrings we supply, including functional keyrings, teddy bear keyrings, and printed torch & led keyrings, or take a look at all of our keyrings?