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A Promotional Calculator Adds Up to Marketing Success

A promotional calculator might not be the most obvious of merchandise items in this modern-day and age but it’s a giveaway with more use than you might think.

A gift with a high-perceived value, branded calculators look impressive, offer total functionality to the user and will keep your company’s logo on display in offices across the UK every single day. All in all, that adds up to a no-brainer giveaway idea, don’t you think?

Whilst it’s a great option for academic giveaways or as an unusual promotional gift for accountancy firms, a branded calculator can make a great item for any business. After all, we all need to do some working out from time to time, so what better way for your customers to do it then with a calculator that generates awareness for your brand with every use?

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Total Merchandise’s range of printed calculators offers a fuss-free and reliable way to bring awareness for your brand to your customers’ daily lives.

Whether your target audience is consumer or trade-based, everyone needs a calculator - because regrettably even Alexa and Siri draw the line at answering questions about tax returns and payroll queries.

Which Promotional Calculators Add Up For Your Marketing Campaign?

Our Full Image Calculator offers maximum brand impact, allowing you to print an image of your choosing - whether it’s a particularly striking shot from your latest marketing campaign or something you’ve designed especially - across the whole of the gadget’s front face.

With your logo on clear display, it’s an eye-catching way to generate brand awareness, whilst the large easy-touch buttons make even the most complicated of sums simple to work out. The promotional Dual Powered Desk Calculators, meanwhile, is generously sized and perfect for displaying a larger logo. Designed to sit at a tilted angle, it’s delightfully easy for your customers to use.

Branded Calculators Can Really Work Out For Your Budget

According to recent research, promotional products are twice as likely to motivate consumer action than standard advertising, meaning it’s definitely worth the investment. Whilst a personalised calculator printed with your logo might look like an expensive corporate gift, don’t be put off: we have gadgets to suit almost all budgets. Our Printed Flip Calculator, for example, is available at just £2.75 per item for orders of 50 units.

In short: subtract the doubt and prepare to add significant high-impact value to your marketing efforts with the help of promotional calculators!

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