Promotional Fun & Seasonal Stress Balls

For Stress Relieving Promotional Stress Balls in Novel or Festive Shapes

Are you looking to promote your business in a fun or seasonal way? Perhaps you’re after a branded Pumpkin or printed Father Christmas shaped stress ball to aim your marketing campaign toward a seasonal celebration? Or maybe you want to promote environmental campaigns with a stress cloud, stress light bulb or stress footprint – we’ve got something exciting for every business. Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to say, a personalised stress toy will get your message across at a great value price and in an eye-catching manner.

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Is your business full of bright ideas? Are you a shining light in the industry and picking up awards for fun? Then a branded stress ball in the shape of a light bulb will tell your clients and competitors that those inspirational ‘light bulb moments’ are never dimmed in your organisation. However, this stress toy together with our cloud and footprint stress toys are an original way to show how much you care about the environment.

We also have a promotional stress dice which work well for casinos or gambling awareness. They are a great novelty business gift with the ability to target two messages at opposite ends of the scale. 

Meanwhile, we know how much fun you like to have in work – while staying focused and relaxed. A branded heart stress ball, stress pumpkin or Father Christmas shaped stress toy will get you and your clients in the mood for Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas.

For those working with mobile apps, phones and technology, we also have a mobile phone shaped stress ball ready and waiting for your logo to be printed onto its screen.

Or maybe you’re looking for something different and a bit more entertaining? If so, we know you’ll love our ‘Pop Eye’ promotional stress toys – and you won’t find a sailor man or can of spinach in sight. These fun little creatures come in a range of colours and when squeezed, you’ve guessed it, their eyes pop out! They’re a real conversation starter and sure to raise a smile with your clients. And for added fun, there’s also an ‘Eye Pop’ screen cleaner that not only cleans the screens of your devices but is also a handy stress toy too.

However, if you still can’t find something to your liking, we can make it for you. All you need to do is contact Total Merchandise, tell us what you need and before you know it, you’ll have a custom shaped fun or seasonal stress ball that says everything about your business.