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Our 80% alcohol hand sanitiser offers your customers a great alternative to when regular hand-washing is not available. It has become clear that the emphasis on hygiene globally is not something that will be going away anytime soon, hand sanitiser is a key product for consumers and employers alike.

Available to order with a plain stock generic label. 

A quick and highly effective way to clean hands to control germs and viruses

An alcohol-based hand sanitiser liquid gel in a 500ml PET bottle with an easy-use pump. The hand sanitiser comes in a liquid form that rapidly evaporates; it also moisturises, leaving hands feeling clean, soft and smooth rather than dry or sore. 

Ideal for use in the absence of water, this branded hand sanitiser gel can help to eliminate commonly occurring bacteria and viruses that are known to be highly transmissible and can result in infections and illnesses.

Keep your workplace 'COVID-secure' and ensure your team stay alert in the new normal. 

We would always advise incorporating promotional hand sanitiser into normal health and hygiene practices, including regular hand washing.

Please note: The formulation of these products follows the World Health Organisation Formulation 1. The microbicidal activity of the WHO-recommended formulation 1 was tested by WHO reference laboratories according to EN standards (EN 1500). Their activity was found to be equivalent to the reference substance (isopropanol 60% v/v) for hygienic hand antisepsis. Label in compliance with EN71-3

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