Merch In A Hurry! Promotional Items That Can Be With You ASAP

You might have been let down by a supplier, or you might have had a last-minute lightbulb moment about the piece of merchandise your imminent event needs...

Whatever the situation, Total Merchandise is here for you and your business. For merch that won't leave you in the lurch, we're delighted to offer a range of quick-turnaround items that can save the day, with our express delivery option meaning some items can be dispatched in as little as 48 hours from the moment you confirm your order. We're not saying we're the Usain Bolt of promotional merchandise but... Well, actually, maybe that's exactly what we're saying. 

Anyway - humble bragging aside, here's our round-up of our most popular quick fix fast-delivery items. Of course, these are just some of the fast-delivery promotional merchandise options we have available. Once you've finished reading our edit below, browse our full range and be warned - they'll be with you before you know it!

Promotional Cambridge Mugs

Dispatch time: starts at 24-hour express dispatch from proof approval (up to 504 units, one colour only).

You can't go wrong with a branded mug: after all, people are always going to be thirsty, and whether it's used at home or in the office, a printed mug is a brilliant way to keep your logo and business at the forefront of people's minds. 

Available in white by default and in other colours at a small additional cost, these promotional mugs are perfect for displaying your logo, with the generously-sized print-space perfect for catching the eye.

A5 Soft Touch PU Notebooks

Dispatch time: from five working days from proof approval.

Notebooks are a guaranteed winner and the beauty of our best-selling promotional A5 Soft Touch PU Notebook lies in its versatility. It's as ideal for use on the go as it is for jotting down notes at a desk or in a meeting; its size makes it perfect for popping in bags, and best of all? Your logo is on display the whole time

These classic soft-touch printed notebooks are available in 17 different colours and can be dispatched in as little as five working days from proof approval. For an extra special touch - and if you have a little more time to play with - why not consider having your artwork foil blocked or embossed instead? Dispatch for this service is from ten working days.

Express Silicone Wristbands

Dispatch time: from three working days after proof approval.

These branded wristbands are available so speedily that they even have the word 'express' in their name. Ideal for a cool ticket alternative for a festival, conference or exhibition, they also make fantastic budget-friendly giveaways for charities, too.

Perfect for printing with your logo, they're great for brand awareness and can be worn long after your customers receive them - meaning a bit bit more bang for your proverbial buck.  

Electra Metal Ballpens

Dispatch time: from two working days after proof approval.

Fact: everyone loves a good pen, so why not add your branding onto our Electra Metal Ballpen? This promotional pen is as streamlined as it is smooth to write with, and is one of our best-sellers for a reason. 

Don't be deceived: despite those incredible low prices, the Electra is incredibly effective for helping to spread the word about your business. After all: your logo and branding will be clearly emblazoned along the barrel, meaning it offers awareness for your company with each and every use.

Exhibition Shopper Tote Bag

Dispatch time: from just 48 hours.

Our classic promotional shopper tote bag makes a great giveaway for an exhibition, conference or product launch. With your branding printed on it, it offers a little more awareness for your business with each use and is ideal for your customers to reuse after your event.

Talon Bottle Opener Keyring

Dispatch time: 72 hours from approval.

Prices begin as low as 35p for our promotional Talon Bottle Opener Keyring, which is one of our best-selling branded keyrings. With your logo clearly printed along the body of the bottle opener, this practical giveaway will help your customers out time after time - allowing them to subliminally link your business with practicality, usability and good times!

Fruit of the Loom Valueweight T-Shirts

Dispatch time: five working days from proof approval.

These printed Fruit of the Loom Valueweight T-Shirts are ideal for occasions - such as exhibitions, festivals and other outdoor events - where you'd like your staff to present a cohesive corporate identity among your team. 

Finger Grip Sports Bottle (500ml)

Dispatch time: five working days from approval of proof.

The joy of the promotional Finger Grip Sports Bottle is it can appeal to almost anyone, whether your target audience is student-based, corporate-leaning or industry-focused. With your branding printed across the side of this simplistic design, it makes a fantastically functional promotional item with a long shelf-life, in terms of both usability and brand awareness. All that and it's available for dispatch in as little as five working days! What more could you possibly want? 

Keen to explore more fast-delivery merchandise options? Browse our full range of express items and contact us today for your quote.

Top image via Pexels; GIF via Giphy.