Branded Promotional Gifts For The Health Conscious

by Total Merchandise | 29th Jan 2019

Branded Promotional Gifts For The Health Conscious

Continuing on from yesterday where we began our series looking at more 'serious' types of branded promotional gifts, today we're looking at health and in particular injury related types of giveaways.

You certain don't want something frivolous when helping treat an injury and we're got a large range of medical types of giveaways that are genuinely useful and could be added to any first aid kit. Just because it will be branded up with your company details doe not make it any less valuable for using seriously.

So as an example of what can be achieved from just a few items on our website, we've picked out some giveaways that can be combined to make a pretty comprehensive medial kit. 

Chester Holdall Bags
Product Code: 190064

First things first, a bag is required to hold all the equipment and store it in one, easy to find place that can be circulated to whoever needs to know. Manufactured from quality 600D polyester, these personalised bags each boast a spacious main compartment with zip closure, handy front pocket (velcro closure) and two carry handles. Available in 3 colour options to choose from so you can even choose bright red or blue for extra visibility.


20 Pcs First Aid Kit
Product Code: 182910

This is the largest first aid kit on our website. It's pretty compact but with everything you might need. This personalised 20 Pcs First Aid Kit contains 5 plasters, 4 alcohol pads, bandage, triangle bandage, 2 safety pins, 5 gauzes and scissors in a nylon pouch. Made from high quality, strong 70D nylon and EN13485 Compliant.

25ml Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray
Product Code: 185444

For the responder and the patient, the value of anti-bacterial cleanliness is obvious. It a handy spray format, it's an easy size to store too.

Small Ice Packs
Product Code: 170340

A multi-purpose, reusable item that remains flexible even when frozen so can provide localised cooling relief. 

Large Hand Warmer Heat Packs
Product Code: 195159

On the flip side, instant and resalable these warming packs can also provide heated localised relief. 


Not that we suggest this is a replacement for a medical professional's kit in any way rather it serves to illustrates the good quality, medical-themed branded promotional merchandise we have here online. So some inspiration for more serious health-related giveaways for your next campaign.