Should You Go Live - A Quick Guide to the Latest Consumer Trend: Part 2

Should You Go Live - A Quick Guide to the Latest Consumer Trend: Part 2

Is your brand looking for more exposure? Using the new-ish Live feature that is currently dominating social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram could be a new tool that you can add to your marketing strategy. It cannot be denied that a strong social media presence is very important in our technology and millennial driven world and, as such, it is imperative to stay current with the latest consumer and marketing trends. We are bringing to you Part 2 of our guide on if you should ‘go live’ and how your brand could go about it.


Product Launches

Take your product launches to the next level with Facebook or Instagram Live. This may be one of the easiest and most fool-proof ways of getting the ball rolling with Live; all you do is choose a charismatic employee, or it could be yourself, to go live with your latest product – you could give a quick demonstration and ultimately give your audience the best preview possible for the product. If you aren’t launching anything soon but want to get involved in this way, you could demonstrate perhaps how you use one of your existing products. The best part about using Live over a regular post for a product launch/demonstration is that your customers can ask you questions about it in real-time and get an immediate response which, studies show, is something that people truly value in this generation.


Interviews with Influencers

As we have said before, influencers can provide great exposure to your brand – you could collaborate with an influencer by doing a live interview or perhaps a Q&A where people can send in their questions in real-time and the influencer can answer them on the spot. You could even get the influencer involved in a Live product launch. By doing interviews and the like, you can provide a great way to get new eyes onto your profile.


Take Your Audience with You

Of course, before you consider doing this one you need to check for permission with the event organisers, but as a brand you could bring your audience to an event or talk that they could not attend by broadcasting it live to them. For instance, the New York Times live-streamed their TimesTalks event where they asked the viewers to submit questions that they could then ask their interviewee, Roger Waters. This would work best if you go live at your own event to that you can utilise the questions in the comments to their best advantage. As we mentioned in Part 1, you would be best letting your audience know that you will be going live in advance of the event.


So, do you think you will be trying out this trend anytime soon? We hope to see you in our Instagram or Facebook feeds soon! 

Posted: 23/11/2017 11:58:49

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