Egg-celent Easter Marketing Campaigns

Egg-celent Easter Marketing Campaigns

We’re not sure about you, but the TM office is full of chocoholics! We’re excited to see the latest experiential marketing campaigns from big brands, whilst getting our own followers involved in our Easter content. In 2016, retail spending was expected to hit a massive £775 million over the Easter weekend, and we can expect this number to rise this year. Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and all of the other major holidays, Easter is a great time to capitalise your efforts. Please eggscuse some of the awful puns that are likely to appear in this article, but we want to hop around and show you some of our favourite Easter marketing campaigns from over the years. After all, you don’t have to be a chocolate business to see your profits rise over Easter, as these campaigns will demonstrate!


Aldi’s Lunch

Aldi, the eggcellent value supermarket known for some cracking prices, calculated that the average price of an Easter egg was £3.80, and so in true Aldi-style, put together a yummy lunch (including dessert and wine, before you ask!) all for that price. So, for your family of four, for £3.80 per head you could have your Easter lunch sorted with lamb, vegetables, mint sauce, wine, and some tasty hot cross buns to finish it off. We know that Aldi had great value prices, but this campaign really took the biscuit… or… egg!



No, we didn’t make a typo! Marmite, the ‘love it or hate it’ yeast extract spread, had its own Easter Egg created by Unilever. Pot Noodle got their own flavoured Easter egg too, causing a real divide between chocolate lovers. It worked to drive interest in the brands by bringing consumers something really different. Fear not, the Pot Noodle egg was made out of chocolate only and came with a branded mug, whilst the more adventurous out there had the opportunity to go for the Marmite egg flavoured with the spread! It really gave consumers something to chat about both online and offline. #HappyYeaster.


Happy Egg Co’s Chick Cam

Arguably the cutest campaign we’ve seen, the Happy Egg Company live streamed incubated chicken eggs from mid-March until Easter, with the baby chicks being born at the end of the live stream, where consumers could gawp at the adorable chickens learning to walk. People from all around the world tuned in to watch the birth of the baby chicks, causing a viral marketing campaign!


So the real question is, would you go for the Marmite or the Pot Noodle Easter egg?

Posted: 26/01/2018 09:46:40

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