Company Branding - The Basics: Part 2

Company Branding - The Basics: Part 2

Earlier this week, we published an article which basically explained that 'Brand' was more than just a logo. Everything from the way the telephone is answered, right through to how one is perceived in the public eye is all 'brand'.


In this latest article, we are going to look at how Brand can be embellished on potential clients minds.


In this modern age, brand, and imagery is everywhere. Our minds are bombarded with brand snapshots everywhere we go. Buses carry brands inside and outside their vehicles. Brands appear, seemingly non stop on our social media time lines, and brand appears even in the uniforms of those who serve us our daily coffee, bread, newspaper or shopping etc.


So, having a brand that stands out is the challenge. And this is where the initial choice of 'brand', and what it stands for, is so important. When creating a new brand from scratch, it'll be ideal to have a brand that is catchy, memorable, and with Intellectual Property (IP's) available to register without treading on anybody else's toes (particularly website domain names).


Assuming that you now have a brand that is represent of you, your business, and your business values, the next stage is to reach eyeballs with this. And this, is where your friends at Total Merchandise can help.


With the daily bombardment of brand imagery and every brand desperate for you to buy and remember them, you need to think clever and outside of the box. The Promotional Merchandise industry really exists just because of this. You are far more likely to remember and re-engage with a brand whose brand you come into daily contact with, than one from 'cold'. For example, the coffee cup on your desk, your mouse-mat, your pen in your pocket or the air freshener in your car, are all opportunities to place your brand before a potential client without offending them. After-all, who doesn't like free stuff?


Perhaps the greatest trick of Promotional Merchandise is timing. Of course, we all love receiving a gift from a supplier or client. But, if the receipt of receiving could be timed to coincide with 'something' it would also be all the more memorable, and special. The 'something' could be any event, season or even climactic occasion. Is the U.K having a harsh winter? How about Ice Scrapers branded with your Logo? Kids about to go back to school? How about branded pencil cases? Or bags? Sporting get the idea...


Now, if only there were any major sporting events, summer holidays or kids going back to school for a new term in the next couple of months...

Posted: 07/06/2018 10:18:57

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