Olympic Stress Balls *

The Olympics is the highlight of human achievement – so a personalised stress ball aligning your business with this spectacular event shows you’re serious about reaching the top too.

From stress balls in the shape of branded running shoes, weight-lifters and dumb-bells to medals, tennis balls and athletes, there’s something for every sports-minded business.

Our Olympic range comes with spot or full colour print branding options available. Make sure your logo is first across the line, every time.

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Promoting your business brand through sport is a great way to people’s hearts, and with the Olympics showcasing the peak of human achievement, it’s a brilliant message to send.

However, you don’t need to wait four years to order a printed stress toy. Maybe you own a boxing gym – well, why not order a personalised boxing glove?

Advertise your tennis club with a branded tennis stress ball, perfect for clubs eager to get more people interested in playing the game.

You can celebrate your local team winning the league or get World Cup fever with a promotional football stress ball keyring. So, evenwhen your team is one-nil down, you’ll remain calm.

Then there’s a range of fitness-themed stress toys, including a runner, weight-lifter, running shoes, dumbbells and more.

These are perfect for athletics clubs or gym owners – and with your logo emblazoned on them, everyone will be in the mood to get fit and burn some calories.

Meanwhile, animal lovers, horse enthusiasts and businesses related to our equine friends will love our horse stress toy – perfect to promote your business or as a gift for friends or family.

And for those serious about the environment, show your eco credentials with a personalised stress footprint – ideal forcarbon footprint campaigns, athletics and walking clubs or fitness enthusiasts.

Promote your brand with a personalised Olympics stress toy every day of every year.